Are you going out of town and worried about where your pet will stay?

Well we invite you to come and see what Castaic Canine Camp has for your dog. Every dog is welcome here: physical needs, aggressive, puppies and even unaltered dogs. We want you to feel comfortable about leaving your pet with us. All dogs are accommodated according to their needs, if they prefer being inside the house or even if they enjoy sleeping on a bed with a human companion, we will accommodate that. Our love for dogs allows us to be comfortable having them roam around the house as if they were our own. If your dog doesn't mind sleeping in a kennel, he is placed in one of our comfortable kennels, with a heating and cooling system, for his comfort and safety. At Castaic Canine Camp we guarantee your dog will have plenty of exercise and one on one time to receive all the love we can give.


You know your dog will be safe here, every area is fenced in and wildlife proof, and the owner lives on the property so there is 24 hr care. All this at no extra charge, we think its silly to put a price on a necessities and safety.

So now you know next time you are going out of town, give Castaic Canine Camp a call to setup up a free tour. You won't be sorry you called.