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Let’s face it, when it comes to your canine children, you want the best for them. Most of the time you are capable of feeding them, sheltering them, training and entertaining them yourself.
But when that’s not possible, you want to be sure that the same level of comfort and care is provided to them by someone else. That’s where Castaic Canine Camp comes in. Owned and operated by licensed professionals, Castaic Canine Camp is literally a home away from home for dogs. A place where the love and attention they need and want is guaranteed.



Castaic Canine Camp sits on 17 pristine acres of land adjacent to the beautiful Castaic Lake in Southern California. Conveniently located just 40 minutes north of Santa Monica and 2 minutes east of the 5 Freeway. Castaic Canine Camp offers boarding, daycare, training facilities, and services for all ages, breeds and sizes of canines.



Brand new structures, with heating and cooling systems, designed and operated by the owner, who lives on the property, will ensure that your dog will enjoy the safety and creature comforts of home...day or night, rain or shine.


Castaic Canine Camp accepts furry guests for a day visit or extended stay, and offers interaction with other dogs or separate accommodations according to your pet’s special needs...and your needs for them.

"I wouldn’t leave my canine children with just anyone, and neither should you. I welcome you to visit Castaic Canine Camp and see for yourself what this true dog lover has created for your best friend."

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